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So, just saw your new ECS version. Tested it and it works fine.
The I saw the AGA version. Figured I have an A4000 040, I might try that. Works even better =)

Then I saw the RTG version. Hehe. Since I have a CyberVision64 with CyberGraphX 4, figured I try that.

Could not get it to start so I read through this thread. Created a 320x200 and 320x240 8 bit screenmodes. They both look fine on screen when testing it.

However, I do not get to chose resolution in ScummVM RTG? It starts in, what I think is 320x240 but its squeezed into the top half of the screen. Very hard to read what it says there but I managed to get DOTT demo started. It too is only in the top half of the screen.

Any ideas? Thanks =)
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