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Originally Posted by Reido View Post
I must admit it's great seeing the indivision working away and it's a godsend as far as not having to use a bulky CRT tv (small house, girlfriend recently moved herself and vast quantities of crap in!), any advice greatly appreciated haven't had much time to play around but will continue to do so.
Assuming that you're asking for advice for the flickerfixer (and not the girlfriend), I suggest to use the DVI input of your monitor - if it's *that* 17-inch model that's widely available all over Europe at roughly 40,- EUR (used), it should have a digital input. The extra money for the DVI cable is well worth it!

Try pressing the menu button (leftmost of the four), it'll display the type of monitor. The example settings I have included with the flickerfixer archive have been made on a Dell 1704FPV.

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