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Anyone running the new indi mk2cr on a standard Dell monitor, you know the type, 17inch LCD, square, came with all Dell desktops from 5 years ago or so (before the widescreen-type models)?

With the new core properly installed my amiga boots to classic WB 3.9 and the display is pretty much identical to that of WinUAE i.e. pixellated desktop and game screens. I've messed around with the indivision settings but can't seem to get that smooth display, am I missing out on something or is it just my monitor? I haven't added anything to ClassicWB and I am using a VGA-DVI adapter.

I must admit it's great seeing the indivision working away and it's a godsend as far as not having to use a bulky CRT tv (small house, girlfriend recently moved herself and vast quantities of crap in!), any advice greatly appreciated haven't had much time to play around but will continue to do so.


Just saw retrofan's forwarded post from 22nd June, will try that out...

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