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Having only recently realised that the same geezer I discovered years ago via the 2 years mix on NSB (Everybody, Destiny, Bodyhammer, that Rude Girl Skank/BoB bootie and Monsters are still serious tunes) was also hydlide/quartz that mixed one of my favourite old music disks "Project Techno" finding this follow up made my day. When the Super Sharp Shooter remix kicked in I thought that this was either serendipity or one of the greatest coincidences I've ever heard of.
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Where do those H O F F M A N letter samples come from? Super sharp shooter doesn't have F, M and N
LL Cool J - It Gets No Rougher, one of the loops is also sampled from another LL Cool J song called Eat Em Up L Chill, I didn't recognise it at the time SSS was released but that Fred Wesley sample was already a cliche by the time Zinc used it.
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