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Originally Posted by Cymru View Post
OS 4.1 is quite fast and a great pleasure to use running on both versions of the A4000D/T.
I have used OS 4.1, and I wouldnt dare recommend it to anyone, in a Classic Amiga at all.

It takes about a minute to boot, and eats something like 64MB of fastmem just to make it usable.

On a SAM, speedwise, works well, but then that is a better PPC architecture, than a 199x accelerator, which is a kind of a mutant low performance PPC beast.

I see OS 4.x as a nice experiment/proof of concept or even a geek toy for PPC accelerators on 68k, but not really efficient enough for every day use.

If you have a Commodore-Amiga it is best stick to an AmigaOS 3.x customized distribution. You will get an overall much better experience.
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