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Originally Posted by demolition View Post
I had some problems loading some big games back when I was using FFS. [...]
Does it not crash anymore after running MBRtest for a couple of hours?
The MBRTest crash happened only once., I think it got solved after reseating.
As for the filesystem, I had PFS as soon as Toni released the 68k friendly version. Could that be it? Do I need to update now to a 020 one?

Originally Posted by jimbob View Post
About the games locking up, I'd make sure the game files are ok in winUAE, try and create a config as close as possible to the the real A600. Other titles are working ok?
I tried a few titles and they worked OK, some bombed (Mortal Kombat) but nothing I haven't seen in my A1200 with accelerator. Most of the really large titles like BASS, Indy Atlantis etc. seem to lock up instead of exiting with an error. It MAY have to do with PCMCIA access on such long titles and I will try copying them to the hard drive. I don't really care much about those games, teh only reason I tried them is to see if I could fill up the ACA620's memory.

A pic of your card might help. Which corner is sticking up?
Looking at the computer from the front, top left (corner nearer to the IDE port). The resistor the socket lays over is no problem as the plastic is cut/filed for that bit. I think I am just being paranoid, the thing looks fine now. I think it did need a reseating at first and that's why I got a lock-up on MBRTest.

So I think I can say pretty much that the board runs fine I will keep testing it though, as I gotta use the computer in a gig in September and wouldn't want to travel with an unstable system.
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