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When I add a Zeus to my 500+/A570 can anyone suggest a valid reason for buying an Amiga 600 to add to my collection, other than for the sheer satisfaction of owning another model?

I also have a 1.3 Kickstart 500 with KCS powerboard and a 1200/3.1/1230 MK IV 64MB/AGA MKII/4GBCF/Registered WHDLoad/Squirrel + 2xCDROM.

I'm trying to cover all bases for compatibility with all 68k games (up to '030) on real Amigas, but I'm worried the collection is getting out of control !

If money and space were no object I'd also buy harware to play ppc games I think I need to keep my addiction in check, is there an Amigans Anonymous forum anywhere?
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