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Originally Posted by daxb View Post
The default OS3.1 startup-sequence include path command:
Path >NIL: RAM: C: SYS:Utilities SYS:Rexxc SYS:System S: SYS:Prefs SYS:WBStartup SYS:Tools SYS:Tools/Commodities
Type "path" in a shell a check the output. If WHDLoad is placed in C: and it doesn`t work you might get some info from SnoopDOS. Maybe the path is wrong assigned.
Yeah I know, this is exactly what I have, the default system one which is located precisely where it should be.
Yet, WHDLoad is never found. Good call on SnoopDOS, should have thought of that first! I will snoop tonight

Is there maybe any difference about how this command works on OS2.x compared to 3.x?
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