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Thanks for your replies guys.
Originally Posted by demolition View Post
Your ACAtune command line should work fine. Those color changes doesn't look like anything the ACA should be able to cause, but I could be wrong. Is the A600 100% fine without the ACA installed (or when disabled)?.
Yes, this computer is 100% fine, been using it for a long time and was recapped last year. No problems at all.

It's not ACATune that's creating the problem, rather the extra memory ACATune adds that creates the problem.

You will see some flickering on the screen as the test passes through the visible screen area but this is normal
Does it look at all like what you can see in the video I posted?

I'd try to clean the CPU thoroughly again, reinstall the ACA620 and see if it helps.

Is your board rev. 2? It should be, but if you got a rev. 1 by mistake, then you won't get it to work.
Well the board's socket doesn't really sit flat on the motherboard, one of the corners, I think because of the socket's plastic, is lifted 1mm or less. I see no way I can fix this.

Also I ran the test for 1 hour 38 minutes without fails or lockups.

I assume the baord is rev.2... Sysinfo says " 2" on description or something like that. Box had NO yellow sticker.

Originally Posted by jimbob View Post
I can't imagine why activating ACAtune would trigger it but that flashing looks a lot like the flickering some A600s get when accessing PCMCIA. Which video output are we watching?
Hey Jim, you're onto something here. The software loaded on that video is indeed being pinched from teh SD card on my PCMCIA reader, and the display we're seeing is Composite. However, why does this happen only when ACATune adds all the RAM to the system? And this wasn't happening before without the ACA620.

EDIT: Just tested this again and it still happens even when I didn't use ACATune. So this is definitely one of the problems! However, how can I have power issues when I have a picoPSU? I am not sure now about this happening without the ACA620 installed. Gotta find a jumper to disable it and see what's up.
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