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Usiing my QuickShot Cobra in my PC

Hi all,

Can anyone help? I have downloaded Amiga Forever emulator (, and have been enjoying playing some old classics on my PC, but only using the keyboard. I'd love to be able to use my QuickShot Cobra (QS-130F), particularly for games like sensible soccer. I know the joystick still works fine. I have bought a USB adapter that means I can plug it into my PC, but I don't think it is recognising it properly. It comes up as an 'unspecified device' on my 'devices and printers' window. When I first plugged it in it seemed to download drivers from the internet automatically and I have also tried using the DVD drivers that came with the adapter cable, but without luck.

I run Windows 7.

Can anyone advise how I might be able to sort this out? Or if it is impossible, whether a normal PC USB joystick would work fine?

Thank you!

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