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I've thought that this post should be here too:

Originally Posted by Ratte View Post

OK, i´ll try in english.
The first core used a 800x600 output, SuperPlus fits perfectly.
SuperPlus (800x600) is currently identified as PAL-LACE mode.

If you can life with a different setting for PAL-NONLACE & PAL-LACE, then go on and read the workaround.

Step1: Allways use a BorderBlank-Tool!
Step2: Install SuperPlus-Driver & Xtreme-Driver
Step3: Setup for IndiMK2
But different from the optimized PAL/NTSC-settings:
PAL-LACE must be configured for a 800x600 output!
Than you will have fullscreen PAL-games (normaly running nonlace) and fullscreen SuperPlus (interpreted as PAL-LACE).
If you like to run your WB in a PAL-LACE equal mode, run XTREME HIRES-NONLACE (640x512) .. sideeffect nontearing mousepointer.

Its a bit work, but the results are good.

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