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Stick out tongue Commodore amiga cd32 with floppy disc drive

Alright everyone, this is my first post on the English Amiga board. My name is ted and I am from cornwall, England. I decided to invest in buying a refurbished amiga cd32 console and an an external floppy disc drive to attach on to the console from analogic computers. It cost me £110. I've got a boomerang cd32 controller from amigakit (anyone know what there like?) and some amazing games like James pond 2, zool and Puggsy which are on floppy disc. Do you know if they will play on my cd32 with the external drive installed. Does the amiga 3.1 operating system come up when you put a floppy into the cd32 drive? I'm so excited about playing some retro gaming at it's finest from 85 to 95 on the genius dream machine code named spellbound! Thank you for your time.

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