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slirp network emulation backend

slirp user mode networking is now merged (from Basilisk II, qemu version is too qemu specific) (pre-beta, if interested of testing)

- It is sort of emulated NAT, only connections from emulated environment to servers work. (inbound won't work).
- ICMP won't work. (ping does nothing)
- Does not require admin privileges or installation of drivers.
- If not using DHCP, IP must be set to, gateway, dns, mask (DHCP gives exact same addresses). These IP addresses are virtual, they don't exist outside of emulation.
- Supported by A2065 and uaenet emulations.
- Uses winsocket API = does not cause mysterious packet losses due to security software.

It takes raw ethernet frame from emulated network hardware, parses it, re-creates identical enough network calls using host's standard socket API and returns back raw ethernet frames. (Lots of emulations here, emulated Amiga runs network stack that creates ethernet frames, ethernet frames are parsed by slirp, host creates ethernet frames again)

Check for example qemu documentation for more details.

Logging: -slirplog x (x=1 to 7)

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