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[EDIT 2] I gave up on that CF-IDE adapter so I wil leitehr buy a new one or a flash-on-module unit. I am using it with teh A1200 one now and it works fine.

I ran MBR for a while now, and after the 7th cycle the machine locked up. I also tried to load Indy 4 Adventure WHDLoad and I got a black screen after a while and stuck there.

I am using ACATune with the options -maprom * -maxmem
Is the unit OK? Is it an ACAtune misconfiguration? Becuse before I used ACTune it got to 21 cycles without problem.
Also why is the memory separated in 4MB blocks (or smaller) on MBR-Test? There's like 4 different FAST RAM sections.

[EDIT3] Sorry I am talking to myself so much. I noticed the screen does weird things now when I have the acelerator on. Namely I can see color changes on bars on the screen that weren't there before.

Here's a video of the computer doing those bars. First you will notice some blueish hue bars while extracting things (not very noticeable on youube video unfortunately). Second you will see weird dark red bars on the WHDLoad startup screen while loading data to RAM (and freezing after a while). Tried with and without maprom, same results. Tried without ACATune, i don't see the bars then, but Beneath a Steel Sky still locks up:

[ Show youtube player ]

(I know I have an old WHDLoad, but the screen colour flashing occurs not just in WHDLoad, also noticed while I use MBR on the red text)

My machine has a rev 1.3 June Bug motherboard, caps replaced last year, standard A601 chip ram expansion, picopsu, cf ide and pcmcia card reader, nothing else.

Do I have to send it back?

[EDIT 4]: Kinda notice on the MBR test loop that it flashes colours more on the tests done on FAST RAM located at $600000. Look at this video, you can clearly see the flashing: [ Show youtube player ] (laugh at music )

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