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Originally Posted by attila06 View Post
Hello Jim,

The only thing i can tell you is that i can run X-bench, run launcher etc etc.
After several tests (playing, using x-plorer and much more), the system freeze, then reboots and reboots, sometime i can see the red Arrow on a grey screen but no workbench.
I have put a D7 tried to see my startup-sequence, user-startup but nothing.
So i had to reinstall all my system two times on two different CF.
As you know i' m using a classicWB on my 1260 with highGfx mode.
am i alone to have this problem ?
Worked fine with 0.87.
You're the only one that report a so strange fail.

Two things you can do. First try xb0.9 without using the xplorer to know if the problem is from xporer or with an other thing.
Second. You can copy/past xplorer.exe to the 0.87 release directory that is ready to use xplorer. Xplorer will be available in the menu. If you have the same bug this'll focus the fail on the xplorer.

But honestly ... you're bug is so strange ... I really don't understand why you have to reinstall all your system. Which file system do you use with your cf ?

Otherwise the download link is back tonight

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