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Originally Posted by pandy71 View Post
As we all know - Falcon is superior to plain Amiga 1200 (even Amiga with 68040 on board) due of 56k on board (that is frequently used to do 3D fast calculations)

If you really want compare 3D graphics, compare or plain Amiga 500/600 with ST or compare A1200 however with decent accelerator card and graphic card (VIDEL architecture is different than AGA).

With your current criterias there no even sens to start compare incomparable machines (Plain A1200 somewhere around 2MIPS and Falcon somewhere 5MIPS + 16MIPS from DSP56001).
hm... I am not so sure.

Why you say that "Vanilla A1200 vs 030 Falcon is a meaningless comparison." (btw NOT vanilla Amiga but A1200 with FastRAM!).

my thoughts, in no-special order:
1. yes, 030 has 512 bytes data/instruction cache
2. Falcon DSP is certainly welcome but it is limited by slow, 8bit host-port transfer so you can not take "fact" 16MIPS as granted.
3. Falcon with 16bit bus, 16MHz, and 4 cycles RAM access have 8MB/s BUT VIDEL also access to same RAM. In truecolor 320x200 mode it will take up to 13% of RAM time: so you will have around 7MB/s (more info:
4. Not sure about A1200 chip RAM and Fast RAM speed... ?? can anyone give a info?
5. Falcon have VIDEL and truecolor chunk mode; but I read somewhere that there is some very fast C2P routs for Amiga (BUT I am not sure if they can be implemented on stock (with FastRAM) A1200)

I would say that both have their own weakness and strengths and because of that I would like to see what coders manage to pull from them!

Originally Posted by hooverphonique View Post
I'm pretty sure Nexus 7 runs fine on a stock A1200, but it doesn't have much of the 3D stuff requested by the OP...

I guess "guard shaded" should've been "gouraud shaded" ;-)
yes, my bad!

Originally Posted by Zak View Post
With memory expansion I think Nexus 7 would be the best demo for 020/AGA, but I wouldn´t be surprised if I was mistaking with the requirements and it´s maybe for 68030.
if Nexus 7 [ Show youtube player ] is from stock A1200 than it is most IMPRESSIVE !!
very fast 3D!!!

compare or plain Amiga 500/600 with ST
we can open new topic but I think that ST is faster with 10% faster CPU and interleave video memory (and movem.l)...

thanx Bobic! I will take a look!
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