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Originally Posted by kovacm View Post

probably not to good choice of words for subject...
I certainly do not want to start any mindless flame war!

I am long time Atari user (since 1986.) and I was wonder what are best Amiga 1200 demos with most complex 3D scenes BUT for STOCK A1200 (14MHz - with FastRAM).

It is very hard to find which AGA demo is for stock A1200 and beside, many people put video on youtube recorded with WinUAE with unknown setting (probably 'fast as possible' ) so I would put list here, with best 3D demos for stock Atari Falcon030 (recorded on real Falcon), and I would like that somebody do the same for Amiga1200.

For stock Atari Falcon there are lot of 3D stuff but some of the best:
As we all know - Falcon is superior to plain Amiga 1200 (even Amiga with 68040 on board) due of 56k on board (that is frequently used to do 3D fast calculations)

If you really want compare 3D graphics, compare or plain Amiga 500/600 with ST or compare A1200 however with decent accelerator card and graphic card (VIDEL architecture is different than AGA).

With your current criterias there no even sens to start compare incomparable machines (Plain A1200 somewhere around 2MIPS and Falcon somewhere 5MIPS + 16MIPS from DSP56001).
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