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3D in demos - F030 vs Amiga 1200


probably not to good choice of words for subject...
I certainly do not want to start any mindless flame war!

I am long time Atari user (since 1986.) and I was wonder what are best Amiga 1200 demos with most complex 3D scenes BUT for STOCK A1200 (14MHz - with FastRAM).

It is very hard to find which AGA demo is for stock A1200 and beside, many people put video on youtube recorded with WinUAE with unknown setting (probably 'fast as possible' ) so I would put list here, with best 3D demos for stock Atari Falcon030 (recorded on real Falcon), and I would like that somebody do the same for Amiga1200.

For stock Atari Falcon there are lot of 3D stuff but some of the best:

Built in Obsolescence by Digital Chaos
[ Show youtube player ]
one of first demos with texture mapped objects (at the end!)

Sonolumineszenz by Avena
[ Show youtube player ]
one of first impressive 3D Falcon demos (but in low res) with great music from Tommy

Hm.... by Escape
[ Show youtube player ]
[ Show youtube player ]
only 3D stuff - motion blur, transparency, textures... (super smooth, hi res)

_ by Escape
[ Show youtube player ]
one more from Escape - even more polygons

Wait by T.O.Y.S
[ Show youtube player ]
not so smooth but lot of shits going on screen

OLDER - mainly flat and guard shaded polygons:

Eko System by EKO
[ Show youtube player ]
Only flat and guard shaded object - lot of polygons on screen with many intersections - and quite pleasant demo!

Thanks in advance!
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