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Originally Posted by demolition View Post
No, because there is a limit as to how much people will pay.
A real auction will also go on as long as people bid, and I'm sure the seller won't mind the auction extending if it means more bids.

A Danish auction site (now owned by ebay) used this method some time ago, and I think it worked great.

sorry yes,thats what i was thinking.
but then youll have peaple bidding like nutters for stuff thats not really worth all that much(panic bidding),i think its a bad idea.

say for instance it turns into a trend and machines start going for riculous amounts of money(not that it isent already,but it has a limited time on bids) other peaple will be saying oh ive seen this item go for #### amount and use that as a scale to wich to gauge would be insane.
sure, its an extreme.but if you think about it,its already the case at the moment with ebay sellers qouting other sales as reference.
sure,it would be good for peaple selling,but buying?

its already silly with peaple putting L@@K RARE and CLASSIC RETRO ITEM for sale all over the place.

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