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Looks like he has copy/paste the auction text, you can use the quote tool so your post isn't so confusing in future however I fear whatever you type will be hard to understand

As has been said by the others OS4.x needs a PPC processor (like Blizzard PPC)to run and Amikit is for WinUAE to use on your PC, although there is a version ported to run on real Amiga's you need more Ram then you will have and even then it's painfully slow on real hardware.

The A1200 you are looking at is ideal for a nice light Workbench 3.0/1 checkout Classic Workbench 'Lite' if you wan some nice features and updates without over straining the system.

The Blizzard 1220 also give the A1200 a nice little boost in speed so it in fact a pretty decent card.

beware upgrading it to 8mb is difficult as the upgrade board is quite rare and if you do the PCMCIA port wont be usable due to the 24bit Memory addressing.

For playing WHDLoad Games and messing with some basic stuff in Workbench this is a nice setup.
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