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Coding mags

I remember being in contact with a guy or group called Shoah, who made a mag called Dreamland (prolly still on Aminet).
They were two, one excellent gfx artist, and one excellent asm coder (don't remember their handles though). The tutorials on the mag helped me an awful lot.
I started one scrolling demo with water effects (you know, copper-tricks), but never finished it, because then someone (a guy called Ruskie, or rather Ruski3) introduced me to the world of reverse engineering Shareware apps, and I was engrossed by the art of developing keyfile makers...

Long shot, but anyone of the above mentioned people visit this board, and perhaps remember me under my previous handle, Kn0b? (and I know what it's slang for, thank you).

[Update: Hah. I found their (very old) website:
Not that anyone's interested, probably Group was called Shoah, Squize & Vex were the peeps I was most in contact with. Aaah, those were the days...]

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