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Originally Posted by lilalurl View Post
Anyone know how to change the behaviour of the Miscellaneous option "Automatically retrieve titles from external links" which is ticked by default:

I am quite bothered by this default behaviour, especially when some pages have rather complex/meaningless titles.

As I'd like not to have to untick the option each time, I looked in the CP how to change the default behaviour but found nothing.
I also did a search in the FAQ/help on "retrieve" but found no result.

Quick test:

So I'd like either to have somewhere a user option to have it behave "as before" by default (an URL is displayed as an URL and not the linked page title) or have the board behave as it did before the upgrade (users could still use the retrieve title function but would have to tick it).
Originally Posted by RCK View Post
Option removed, sorry I was not aware of this behaviour.
Unfortunately, the default behaviour still seems to be "Automatically retrieve titles from external links" despite the option having been removed.

Quick test:

(What I actually typed was "" )
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