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Jim nice version!
I found a bug when you have enabled the Top15 and on Launchers you press enter on the Top15 list (reboot occurs).
Other than that it works just fine and AT LAST the search as you type feature is awesome!

I really like the look of Xplorer. Really nice features but as subone said... I compare it with DOpus as well.
To give a better feeling... I'd really love the following:
- Sorting first by type then by Name. For example Having C, ... Devs, isn't so nice and confuses me. I'd prefer C, Devs....,
- Vertical scrollbar for browsing a large folder/HD. Going Up or Down with the buttons is ok, but not so convenient.
- Giving the option to click on the outer frame of every window to go to Parent folder would be just EPIC. This DOpus feature is by far my favorite and the most quick to go back.

Keep up the excellent work there Jim
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