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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
Thank you for your in depth explanation, Cymru!
So what should I use, generic rubbing alcohol or isopropyl alcohol? Orrather, can I safely ue regular alcohol? I don't have isopropyl.
Alcohol can be either ethanol or propanol - both are "alcohols" if you dig out your organic chemistry lessons: Ethanol = C2H5OH and Propanol = C3H7OH (the OH group makes it an alcohol). The cleaning property of Propanol and Isopropanol is pretty much the same, it's just that the OH group is at the middle of the three carbon atoms. That mainly changes the boiling temperature of the liquid, but not the cleaning property if I remember right (that was 11th grade.. 23 years ago, so memory may not serve right here).

It's just that ethanol is the stuff you can safely drink (within limits that everyone should know best for himself), therefore it's taxed. However, there's a way to get around the tax in Europe, and that's adding a salt that makes it undrinkable (the German word would be "vergällen" - says that the English word would be "to denature"). Using that cheaper stuff would leave a residue, which is why many people think that ethanol should not be used for cleaning delicate parts at all. Fact is: If it's the pure stuff, it's as good as isopropanol.

The tool of choice is an old toothbrush. No need to dry with cotton or so, it dries on it's own after a few seconds, and you can safely operate the Amiga with a slightly wet CPU.

Long story short: Thanks for pointing out the typo, and don't use overpriced sprays.

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