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A marvellous idea folks! If i have the time I would love to contribute to this!

But what type of game would it be? I proffer three ideas :

The EAB Story
Rescue your fellow EAB members in this cutesy wutesy platformer from the vile clutches of the vile G******h who has RCK imprisoned in his evil lair for creating a better forum than his!!

EAB Kombat
Pit your fighting wits against the other EAB members in this no holds barred beat em up. Make your way through a series of bloody fights to the death as part of a brutal tournament organised by the sinister G******h. Despatch his mutunt henchmen, MarzAttackz and Superfrog in order to face the final showdown which will decide the fate of Amiga forums forever!

and my personal favourite:

Yes! Now you can become RCK and maintain the best Amiga forum on the planet! You must manage all the duties that keep EAB going, prevent hardware failures in the server, moderate Fred from freaking out all the members, boot out trollers and flamers like MarzAttackz and Superfrog and keep your forum members happy, all whilst keeping an eye on the bandwidth usage and potential hacks from rival forums owners (ie G******h) who are desperate to unseat you and steal your members!

Some of you might have noticed a recurring theme in my ideas...
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