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Originally posted by jmmijo
Not sure but have you looked at either Quaterback or Quarterback Tools?
Aarrrggghhh!!!! NOOOOOOOO!!!

quarterback can cause problems, twice on my system I did a backup with it (without password protection) then when I had to restore it, it asked for a password (bye bye data & bye bye quarterback)...

I used to 'clone' my harddrives, at the time I had 2 western digital 512Mb drives, I set the second one up with identical partition details and just used workbenches diskcopy command...
but to do the the drives MUST have the same cylinder, blocks per track, tracks per cylinder, heads etc...

another way is to get the old 'flat' device from aminet, it allows you to access any drive/partition as a single file and copy it somewhere else.

but the best options are, backup to CD with makecd, or use Diavolo 2000 (much better than quarterback or amiback).
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