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WOW! iff 8SVX audio

Just been filling up my 4 GB CF HD to go in in my A1200. Having set it all up via WinUAE I happened upon a CD full of iff 8SVX audio tracks. Thinking they would sound something like rubbish MIDI files I was blown away by the brilliant sound quality (even at 8 Bits, 22kHz!!!!).

OK I'm playing them through UAE, but I'm pretty sure they will still sound good when played on my real Amiga.

I don't remember playing this quality of music (by original artists) when I owned my original A1200 in 1992. The other good thing is a lot of the tracks sound like they have been ripped from Vinyl (with the odd bit of 'crackle'), so richer sounding than digital CD tracks converted to mp3.

The Amiga continues to surprise me even today

PS any good sources of original 8SVX tracks (yes I've heard of google)
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