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Originally Posted by prophesore View Post
The word "needle" is found in dictionary.english twice
I thought that words could not appear in the dictionary twice? There was a previous bugfix where RING appeared twice in the english version and we had to change one to 'LOST RING' so that you could answer the riddlemouth in the SW corner of Illien. I know you are able to answer the riddlemouths in all four corners of Illien with this applied fix. So the second NEEDLE must be for a different place. Or no-where.

That means that the other use for the word NEEDLE is probably broken in the English version. If it exists at all.

Originally Posted by prophesore View Post
- it looks in the order of "NOSENEEDLEMIRRORRINGNEEDLETESTCONCERNSHARP" NOSE? NEEDLE? MIRROR? RING? NEEDLE? TEST? CONCERNS? HARP?" - The words used in Illien. In Illien are 3 people - Baron Pelani, Leonaria and music master - no reaction to the "test" - even after buying harp.
I don't know if the order in the dictionary has anything to do with geographical locations?

Originally Posted by prophesore View Post
Use a shovel where
I don't know. Sorry. I know there are at least two in the game. One you get from exchanging the golden horseshoes. The other you find in a chest. There may be more. Can you sell them?

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