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People in the thieves guild just say, you can not talk to them. The word "test" written on the plate and tells them a thief. Aman at the top does not respond to it, even a stone head.

"test" may be the secret word, such as "tempus fugit." I checked all the people - the word appears in the dictionary but no one answered. Can any stone head will react but I doubt it.

The word "needle" found in dictionary.english twice - it looks in the order of "NOSENEEDLEMIRRORRINGNEEDLETESTCONCERNSHARP" NOSE? NEEDLE? MIRROR? RING? NEEDLE? TEST? CONCERNS? HARP?" - The words used in Illien.
In illien are 3 people - Baron pelani, leonaria and music master - no reaction to the "test" - even after buying harp.

In dictionary.german two times the word "nadel" - looks like this -
NASE? NéHNADEL? SPIEGEL? REIF? NADEL? TEST? SORGEN? HARFE? - can "NéHNADEL" (Nähnadel) is the same as NADEL as a response to the stone head.
Unfortunately, the German version is only the word "nadel". I think that the keyboard is going to enter somehow the letter "ä".

As for the missing texts thought dlfrsilver the translation checked to display all text, and will be able to answer me.

This may be errors in the English version. I will start the game in the German version, it may explain something.

I have a question

how to use the spell "flight". after use, nothing happens and there are no fewer magic points.

What healing spell "change dust." I checked the dead for various reasons and nothing.

Use a shovel where
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