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Originally Posted by MaW View Post
Won't happen anyway so I won't even bother to vote
many guys said the same with amigaone x 1000; and i know one who eat his socks.
it seems, they have money, the only thing asked is to don't loose money...
Nothing is impossible in a new market like tablets.
The biggest problem with amigaone x 1000, for me, is the price and lack of firefox or else... The price: it seems they had a deal with chinese, good point for the price... for firefox : i hope the brothers friedens still do the job.
In fact, i have no interest in tablet, the only interest i could have is to use the amigaos to a low price and for sure hoping for a next amiga designed like the classics one which could reborn the amiga spirit. Believe me, many guys in europe doesn't forget the amiga and coders too, if the is amiga back, he will have a good support, i'm still sure of it.
you know, i haven't my tongue in my pocket and i'm not afraid to say what i think about the amiga, i work in computers and i know what many people things about the amiga : it was better than now, more cool, if he comes back, i'm back with it.
Not so many people said the truth because they are afraid someone will laugh : the amiga ! but it'd a baby old computer, it's just for gaming.
And you know well it isn't true and you know well that the amiga was much more. they will be excited if the amiga comeback...
If you ask enough , you will see many will said: yes, i had one , it was incredible... And others will said : it's to late Microsoft and co won and you will feel that they would like an amiga comeback.
these guys thought the amiga was dead but you can see them really happy when they see that in fact the amiga is trying to comeback.
my wife use my amiga 4000 during 10 years and some times she says me : oh it was more fast on amiga, the amigaos is more fast than android.
There still a possibility for the amiga and you don't have to laugh.
And for the guys who doesn't want a comeback, i don't see why, you can continue to use winuae and don't buy the new amiga.... there is perhaps guys who still use their lisa from apple and don't like what apple did now.
Everybody should be happy with an amiga comeback.
i'm sure we will have news about a-eon before the end of the year.
amiga rules and keep the faith. or just use winuae or your amiga classic .
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