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I would have thought forcing a 50hz display mode might damage your monitor. Most don't like going below 60.

To be honest, I've never altered the refresh. The emulation is far from smooth anyway, doubt I'd notice a difference.

Sorry to deviate from the topic in hand, but does anyone have any tips to getting the emulation smoother?

For example, Shadow of the Beast 1's intro has awful choppy sound. And this is at a point where it's only displaying static intro pictures!

(Hardware chosen: A500 timings, OCS, 1mb chip, 68000.

PC hardware: Athlon Thunderbird 1400mhz, 512MB, Geforce 3, Win 2k.)

I still have my real A1200, so it's not a critical issue. But as I'm a big fan of emulation, I certainly would like to get it running better on the PC too.
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