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Originally Posted by lesta_smsc
You are a legend! Welcome to the forum! You're now in Japan?!
Thank you!
Yes, I'm living in Japan - my home for almost ten years. Wonderful place.

Originally Posted by lesta_smsc
Your AIAB package was the first thing I used with WinUAE and thought it was awesome! I really think you set the trend for similar packages to follow.
Cheers! It started out as just a snapshot of my current Workbench setup at the time (complete with the stripy green wallpaper!). A few friends asked if I could help them with their Amiga setups (for UAE), so one day I decided to zip it all up and make it available online.

Originally Posted by lesta_smsc
If I recall correctly, you had an MP3 on the site. Now if memory serves me right it was "living in a box" but with the words "Amiga in a box" or was that me just imagining things!?
Yep, well remembered! It was actually a snippet of the song 'Livin' in a Box' by the band of the same name. It was originally just a joke for a mate, but I ended up leaving it online permanently. At one point I thought about making a remixed version, dubbing in 'Amiga', but that would have been too cheesy.

Thanks again for the memories!

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