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Originally posted by Drake1009
No that's a stock A1200 I've got. The cable modem is for my PC but the coax cable is connected in the living room and it's too darn short to pull all the way across the room, so it's there with the switch and then I have a UTP cable running under my bed.

I'd love to have internet connection on my A1200 though, but with 2 MB ram and no network card I doubt very much it'll happen.
I had my Amiga 4000s connected. Only recently i decided that I just do not have time. Only really wanted them to fool with a Video Toaster and download demos for my A500 and A1200. I may actually let my Amigas go once I can get my hands on OS4. Don't know when that will be, but I figure it's better than just having them sit in a closet all this time. I may actually just keep 1 A500 and an A1200 just to view demos.
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