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Originally Posted by Jaybee View Post
Wow, this was a blast from the past.

Just read through this whole thread with a massive smile on my face!
Really take me back to the good old days; playing around with WinUAE, putting together updates and game packs etc. Wonderful memories!

I cannot believe folks also remember this little package from all those years ago!

I may have some slightly more up-to-date AIAB files at home, so might see if I can put something together and make it available to FOL - just for old times sake.

You are a legend! Welcome to the forum! You're now in Japan?!

Your AIAB package was the first thing I used with WinUAE and thought it was awesome! I really think you set the trend for similar packages to follow.

If I recall correctly, you had an MP3 on the site. Now if memory serves me right it was "living in a box" but with the words "Amiga in a box" or was that me just imagining things!?
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