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Have you ever considered that this vsync thing currently will only work in FULL-SCREEN mode?

That's very important to know. Windowed-mode vsync support is planned, but not yet done.
Besides, I've just tested Jim Power (thanks for pointing me to this *highly* complex game which really is a challenge for the emulator unlike many others ) and it works real great.
800x600x16, 100 Hz, OpenGL off, neither H- nor V-centering and full-screen checkbox ticked.
By the way, I also got such an IBM thing here: a P72.

[EDIT] Yes, now I can confirm jittery horizontal scrolling in the Jim Power intro screen with all those layers scrolling horizontally, if and only if I enable OpenGL mode! Non-OpenGL mode works like a charm.
I set sound to "Disabled" because it was too choppy with a frame-skip ratio of 1/1 (i. e. refresh every frame) (this is normal on my system, though ).

In case you want to test yourself:
With latest (public) builds, it's possible to change from OpenGL to Non-Open-GL on the fly with the emulation running! So you can witness the difference in a blink of an eye. Great, huh?

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