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Originally Posted by NovaCoder View Post

Have you installed the latest cores and config tool yet?

Start off by setting you ScreenMode to PAL 640x512 and then move any monitor drivers out our Devs/Monitors and into Storage/Monitors.

Then restart and see how your 640x512 WB looks by default, is it centered and full screen? Then run a game (which uses PAL mode) and see if the image is ok. If the images are not ok then use the Config tool to fix it up.

After you're happy with PAL you can start playing around with other modes like HighGFX if that's your thing.
Thanks, where can I find the Config tool please? I have a fitzsteve ClassicWB install and I believe he said he'd installed it, but I don't know where to look

(I've ordered a PCMCIA transfer kit so I can install these things myself soon.)
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