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Originally Posted by Mr Plow View Post
I would just like to post that I received my Indivision AGA Mk2 from Amigakit very quickly, installation was very simple (also installed my ACA1232 at the same time), kept my fingers crossed while hitting the power switch but needn't have worried as it booted up ClassicWB no problems whatsoever and was playing some Cannon Fodder within minutes albeit with the screen shifted a little to the right.

This was on a Dell 2407Wfp using the VGA port, I've not had a chance to play around with screen modes though so any advice on what the ideal resolution for WB and games would be would be very much appreciated.

Now I just need to sort out fixing the DVI socket into the blanking plate somehow.
Snap, AGA Mk2 and ACA1232 installed today here also

All good so far, but I'm struggling a bit with screen modes setup. I have a ClassicWB install from fitzsteve - it offers a number of screen modes but the higher res ones all tend to have either on screen corruption, or aspect ratio issues. I'm currently at 800x600 which works fine but is rather a waste of my 1600x1200 monitor. Any hints please on how I "fix" this so I can get a higher resolution?

Thanks in advance,
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