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I can also recommend the Suzo Arcade joysticks*, they're the best by a stretch. I've been using them all my life on Amiga, and of course on WinUAE these days .

How? If you want to use this with WinUAE/PC do yourself a favour and get a quality d-sub DE-9 to USB converter. Most of the converters poll at about 125Hz, but if you're serious about your emulation you'd want one that works at 1000Hz. IMO there's only one currently, which is the 2600-daptor by Tom Hafner (Hafner Enterprises), who created excellence if you ask me.

See his website here:

*PS. If you need two fire-buttons, you can also try and get the Suzo Arcade Turbo, equally great.

Originally Posted by demolition View Post
I really prefer regular joysticks and I just got my first Suzo The Arcade stick earlier this week which have been on my wish list for a long time.
Have been playing with it for a few hours yesterday and today and it is really great. My progress in Superfrog was better than it has ever been before, and I blame the stick.

Edit: Not mine, just a picture I found:
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