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Originally Posted by discomeats View Post
I think the answer here is simple, if you want to sell a game in 2013 on the amiga, make it, sell it, if people like it they'll buy it, if it's poop some might still buy it.

Thing is, if you are going to do it in 2013 then I'd point out we're nearly halfway through 2013, and this thread will need to be retitled in 6 months time and there still won't be any new game on sale.

Just break out the c/asm/blitz/amos/amigabasic whatever and make a game.
it is (normally) not that simple. A good game is not only coding, you need good graphic, sound, music, create animated elements and so on. You need a team of specialists (at least a couple of people) for it. So except you are a genious that can do all and have a lot of time it is not that "simple".
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