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I wanted to see what you know about herbs.

A month ago I published the guide and walkthrough for Ambermoon. is a Polish portal Amiga in Polish language. Feel free to read - Google Translator your friend. There I wrote everything I know about the game. I am currently writing a supplement which will give all the words of English.dictionary and who to not respond.

Recently in this thread was given a program to decrypt files Ambermoon. Decoded files txt.amb and started a new game by checking all text appearing in the game. In english.dictionary I found a lot of new words. I have discovered some new things and has widened my knowledge.

Looking for herbs I discovered it on the moon. First you have to talk Dor Grestin of Asrub of Herbs. Then, if we're going to Magical Disc position 232/48 on the island in the sea. There are two pieces of herbs Glowing Blooms, Sparkling Mushrooms, Long Leaves and Blue Leaves. In other places they are. Fragrant Herb on the moon does not have - do not write about them in a file txt.Amb. and among these 4 is a description.

Unfortunately, these herbs do not have the support. Increase store bought stuff - but where did Fragrant Herb if you can not find it on the moon?. If we found a herb that has herbs bought, suddenly Sparkling Mushrooms and Glowing Blooms and start to work.

In my view, the search is still pointless. All the features as I have trained to a maximum of the Lyramion in wells and light produced, so the herbs are useless to me.

The same need not be correct Sansries key, after getting it, and right away we're going to Illien the flute so go through the door is unnecessary.

To this add the HP Gryban by Meynaf points, causes that the 5 attacks on the 35 level, are 4 of 36 level (Meynaf gave 114,250 points and should be 113.400). To have again five attacks must get another 27,720 points. Quantities HP Gryban and so no one will be the end of the game. This Gryban has 6 errors in the characteristics.
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