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I use .iff files to be loaded as background!!
If Scalos refuses to load an IFF picture, the problem might be either

1. lack of memory

- how much Chip- and FastRAM do you have installed?
- how big is the picture, how many colours does it have?

2. lack of free pens (shouldn't be an issue, but I don't know how Scalos handles this)

- how many colours does the Scalos screen have?
- try to increase number of colors and retry loading the picture

Where can I see what datatypes I have installed and what is datatypes?
Datatypes are a part of AmigaOS. A datatype can recognise and decode a certain file format (e.g. there's a JPEG datatype, a GIF datatype, a WAV datatype etc.). (Nearly) all Amiga applications support datatypes for loading files: e.g. if you have a PNG datatype installed, all your gfx programs will be able to load PNG pictures. Lots of datatypes are available in Aminet's "util/dtype" directory.

Each datatype consists of two parts:

1. The datatype "descriptor": this file contains a description of the file format the actual datatype can decode (e.g. there's a JPEG descriptor that can be used to identify JPEG pictures which will then be decoded by the JPEG datatype). Datatype descriptors are stored in "SYS:Devs/Datatypes/".

2. The datatype: This is the routine that will do the decoding work. These files are called <format>.datatype and are located in "SYS:Classes/Datatypes/"

What datatypes do I need?
Your picture is stored in ILBM format, therefore you'll need an ILBM datatype. This should be included with AmigaOS, check if the following files are available:


Additionally, the datatypes.library must be present in "SYS:Libs".
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