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Originally Posted by dJOS View Post
Umm, why am I getting all these "link back" emails to subscribed threads?
Thanks for reporting this.

Since the recent update, the GMs have been notified of all LinkBacks appearing in threads, because they require approval before they are made visible to all forum users.

LinkBacks awaiting approval have been amassing since the update, while we have become accustomed to the new forum features.

I have just approved all the outstanding LinkBacks in one fell swoop to avoid them building up to the point where they become unmanageable. I'm sorry, I hadn't realized that this would trigger an avalanche of emails directed at thread subscribers. This will only happen just this once, due to the backlog I have just cleared.

I didn't have time to check all the links this time, so if anyone finds any of them objectionable, would they please report them, so that we can delete them. This will have to be done by PM to any of the GMs, as there doesn't seem to be a separate mechanism for reporting LinkBacks. Thankyou.

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