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Originally Posted by TCD View Post
I rather took it as a 'philosophical' discussion as what would make you buy a new game. The C64, Neo Geo or Dreamcast are dead too, but there are commercial games released for them that use the hardware to the max. Those are made also because people love to make them, but they also aren't afraid to ask for some money for them.
I have paid around £20 for some of those Dreamcast games... Feet Of Fury, Psyvariar 2, Last Hope: Pink Bullets (it's a scrolling shoot'em up) among others.

I have no problems paying £10-£15 for brand new Amiga (or retro console) games, as long as they are made well, fun to play and contain a decent options screen (e.g. have a difficulty option that actually DOES alter the difficulty - theres no point of having an easy option if the game is still difficult/frustrating to play after switching the difficulty to easy!).
Good (or even great) graphics and sound would be a welcome bonus.
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