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Originally Posted by Hewitson View Post
Games being made for A500 was ridiculous in 1993. Doing it 20 years later would be a silly waste of available resources, most people would have an 030 with AGA at the very least.
How exactly!? If someone had the passion to do it and grew up with an A500 (and let's remember the A500 sold a hell of alot more than the A1200) then how is it a waste of resources?
As someone has said, it's not about making money , it's the passion to do it, and the older and plainer the hardware the better, imo it's a stupid idea to release for an A1200 with accelerator and extra ram as it defeats the point of programming for specific retro piece of hardware, and how a game now could be pushed on an vanilla machine.
I would love a proper release in a box on disks and gladly pay to get that experience again on my Amiga like C64 owners get now...
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