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Originally Posted by kipper2k View Post
Is the Nequester available yet, I would be interested in it for use at work just for the fallback capabilities ?.
I've had an important meeting with Castlenet (my Taiwanese partner) yesterday, and we agreed on another prototype run before the pilot, which is now planned for september. That'll give us time to implement new WLAN features ("WLAN to go") and xDSL vectoring, which is a hot topic in Germany.

Germany uses xDSL Annex B, where vectoring really gives more than a measurable boost. If you have some hard numbers about Annex-A countries, that would be great. I have no idea if any other carrier than Deutsche Telekom is using DSL vectoring.

Originally Posted by demolition View Post
Not many uses their Amiga for serious stuff now so RTC isn't really that necessary, but I still like to have a proper time stamp on all files and a correct clock in the corner of the screen.
The A600 has a PCMCIA slot, and I'd expect that these days, pretty much everyone has a networking card there. I haven't tried it myself yet, but I'd look at Aminet - comm/tcp/facts.lha if money for a battery-backed up RTC is an issue.

I have separated the RTC from other products in order to be able to sell without RTC. This serves two purposes: a) my goal of "making the hobby affordable for more people" is closer, and b) the limited quantity of RTC chips is not that much of a problem.

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