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Originally Posted by hiho View Post
I was concerned because before I went Amiga, I had a TRS-80 Model I.

When that machine was turned on, it was almost impossible for anyone nearby to watch over the air television.
Now that terrestrial TV has gone fully digital (at least in Europe), the TRS-80 should be compatible again ;-)

The C64 is very similar in that regard, but if you measure EMI emissions with en E-field and B/H field sniffer (not just an antenna), you quickly notice that the computer itself isn't so bad. It's mainly the cables that serve as antennas. Starting with the Amiga, Commodore has introduced proper EMI filtering for signals that go to the outside world, and that's pretty effective.

Indivision AGA MK2 also has this EMI filtering on selected signals (especially HSync and VSync). In the case of this flickerfixer, it was more complicated to get emissions of the board traces down, which is why you see so many source termination resistors on the board.

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