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X-bEnCh 0.9A is available !

As always you can download it on Jim Neray / Amiga Dev

Please note that this version is not complete. I put it online because there has been no update since last March but all is not yet implemented. I will soon release some new 0.9x updated (0.91/0.92 / ...) to add all the missing features and fix some bugs that are already knowed.

Main New features:

Top15 listing - This new feature is able to create a top of all your lists. Note that the top15 is already functional as previously planned, the needed database is created from the 0.8x versions.
Multikeys FastJump - Simply type the name of the game that you want and the new search engine will drive you directly to that one.
XplorEr - The long awaited X-bEnCh file manager is finaly here ! Still young it will evolve quickly in the nexts release.

Complete release note:

X-bEnCh 0.90Alpha (06/06/13)

-Now update the Top15 list in the Init process.
-Now check if some args are sets with the setup for the loadwb cmd.
-Is now able to init to the Xplorer if set in the setup.

-Bug with a mouse plugged in the joyport1 fixed.
-The menu is sorted with the Xplorer in 2nd position now.
-You can now use the "Enter" key to validate your choice.

-Top15 feature implemented.
-Multikeys Fastjump implemented.
-Added the display of the WhdL Requester if enabled in the setup.
-Bug with the Microsys joy/mouse adapter driver fixed.
-Bug with a mouse plugged in the joyport1 fixed.
-Fixed the repeat latency of the "Tab" key.
-You can now use the "Enter" Key to validate your choice.

-Added the "topupdate" cmd to manualy update the top15 list.
-Updated the "help" cmd.

-Very first public version of the Xbench Files/Dirs manager.

-Reactivity optimised.
-No you can use the setup (If you want) without mouse nor keyboard.
-Added a path requestor for the 6 launching lists.
-Renamed the "Boot From" to "Boot To" in the "Startup" tab.
-Added a LoadWB args textfield to the "Startup" tab.
-Added the Top15 On/Off switch to the launcher tab.
-Added the WhdLReq On/Off switch to the launcher tab.
-Look optimised.
-"Xplorer" option added to the "Boot To" switch in the startup tab.

-Better temp files cleaning before leaving.

-The ASL path requester is now disabled if you don't have rom 2.0+.
-Custom text font issue fixed.
-Bug when using a custom file system (SFS for example) is fixed.
-"D" (Directory) button is renamed to "P" for Path requester.
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