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Originally Posted by Marcuz View Post
Would you define that love based on "what was like to play on Amiga in your youth" so nostalgic reasons or on other specificity that would makes Amiga of value now, for instance what TCD says above, or something else, like coding reasons, or versatility of the machine that could be exploited by a new game?
I started programming my Buck Rogers style texture mapped game for 2 reasons

1. I always wanted to make that game on the Amiga (which is why it was going to be free)
2. The Amiga is a really nice creative machine to use (regardless of CPU speed or megabytes of RAM)

I think of the Amiga the same way as my classic 1980s car, it is fun to use it and it's a very well engineered machine, the kind of engineering you just have to have respect for because of its design.

For me the Amiga was the ultimate implementation of what started as an idea in Jay Miner's head. A machine to control the CRT gun in your TV's tube and the tones generated by the TV speaker. The VCS was the most basic form of essentially the same goal and the A1000 was the ultimate implementation of that idea with technology PCs wouldn't have until the next decade in both cases
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