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Originally Posted by slaapliedje View Post
I think the best way really to revive the Amiga platform would/will have to be in the form of something like the FPGArcade, Natami (dead?), Tina, etc. Getting new hardware to replace the older stuff, especially if it can have modern improvements built into the bus, like faster speeds, etc. But then again you'd run into the earlier issues of which lowest denominator do you shoot for?
I agree on your points there, but this one I'm not so sure: it looks the same as the comparison between high quality software (the one you get to enjoy to use, efficient, aestetically appealing) that was made when the Amiga was profitable by preofessional devs with the one made by amateurs and fans currently.
New hardware that aims to recall this or that aspect of a particular experience of use, that's gone; it doesn't really success in being creative, and it is often no more contemporary.
Maybe a weak (in respect to this reasoning) exception being that "Amiga 500 in a joystick".
And if nobody finds profitable to develop software for amiga now, imagine who finds profitable to design professional new hardware for mass production dedicated to compatibility to just that!
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