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Cool EAB Final Update

Dear community,

After 5 years of stable service, it is now time for one operating system and EAB's update !
Debian core system was updated, and we are now in PHP 5.4 and Mysql 5.5 for all websites.
The goal of this update is to have more speed and latest security fix, let's hope it will be true
note: There was a lot of "Deprecated" PHP features when upgrading from version 5.2 to 5.4, so if you see some warning displayed when browsing, please leave a message in this thread so we can fix them.

EAB Update:
- I don't like the new vbulletin engines (4 or 5), so we will stick to latest vB3 engine, this forum works well and is now part of our lives, I want to keep it like this, with our EAB2 skin, the Zone, etc
- Minor improvements were missing from vB 3.7, there are now available in 3.8 engine (see below)
- In order to support server and new hardware cost, I have added some AdSense ads for GUEST only.
- The zone files retention was increased from 21 to 60 days
- Url are now content relevant
- Tapatalk plugin was updated to 3.9.0 and should stop speak about him on mobile devices
- The lightweight skin was changed to something better and is now available as a Quick Style Chooser in bottom left selectbox (or by auto detection on mobile device)
- Here is the list of final vb3.8 addition, enjoy them!
  • Social group discussions (multiple thread)
  • Social group categories
  • Social group icons
  • Social group transfers
  • Private message sorting and filtering
  • Private message history
  • Private message quick reply
  • Private message reporting
  • Profile privacy (limit blocks to a subset of users)
  • Dismissible notices
  • Lightbox navigation
  • Quick edit for newer types of content (visitor messages and picture comments)
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